Review of Deadwood Slot

Fans of classic films like as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and Hang ‘Em High will appreciate playing the Deadwood slot machine. This bounty-hunting, outlaw-apprehending epic is set against a magnificent background of the American Wild West.

Deadwood’s symbols, for instance, include of gold bars, dollar-signed swag bags, sheriff badges, whiskey decanters, and double-barreled shotguns, which are all recognizable icons of cowboy culture. Nolimit City does an excellent job of placing the player in the role of a gun-wielding bounty hunter.

The Deadwood slot has a high volatility and an RTP of 96.03 percent, which is similar to the industry average for slot games. With 576 ways to win, the largest reward you can walk away from a Deadwood session with is 13,950 times your initial wager.

Deadwood Online Slot Controls

As the Deadwood slot machine is a direct successor to Nolimit City’s Tombstone, the controls are quite similar. The desktop version of the game is laid up in a manner that is atypical for a contemporary slot machine, with the reels taking center stage and the controls dropping to the bottom left and right of the screen.

You may access the paytable by clicking or touching the gear icon on the left side of the display. If you don’t have much time to play, you may play Deadwood at a quicker pace by clicking or touching the lightning button on the right side of the screen.

You may set stop conditions while utilizing the autoplay feature for the Deadwood slot if you so want. To do this, you must click autoplay and choose whether you want the game to end when you win more than a certain amount or when your balance falls below or rises over a specified percentage.

Deadwood is playable on both iOS and Android devices, and the experience is comparable to that of desktop play, as is the case with all of the Best Slot Games. The only discernible change is that the settings are arranged differently for vertical play as opposed to landscape play.

Gameplay of Deadwood Explained

The core gameplay of Deadwood, which has a 3-4-4-4-3 reel layout, is largely identical to that of its predecessor, with one significant difference: the 5 reels have been enlarged to accommodate one additional symbol on each reel. This implies that, in principle, there are 576 ways to win as opposed to 108 in Tombstone.

How Does Deadwood Wilds Operate?

The most frequent Wild in Deadwood is the Hunter Wild, a completely stacked symbol that may occur on the middle three reels. If it displays just partly, the xNudge function may move it such that it covers the whole reel.

Free Spins in Deadwood Explained

In Deadwood, there are two free spins modes that may be engaged. These features are activated when at least three cow skulls appear on any of the reels. Then, you will be offered the choice between eight Hunter free spins and eight Gunslinger free spins.

Gunslinger Free Spins

Gunslinger free spins are more erratic. For each Hunter wild that lands, a multiplier will be activated that increases with each nudge and does not reset until the round ends. If a sheriff’s badge appears on either the first or fifth reel, you will get one additional free spin. If it hits on both reels simultaneously, you will be eligible for the Shoot Out free spins upgrade.

Hunter Free Spins

In the Hunter free spins round with lesser volatility, at least one Hunter wild will appear every spin. When it comes to the sheriff’s badge, the same criteria apply, so there is also a possibility to improve the feature and get Shootout free spins.

Free Spins in Shootout

During the Shootout round, you will have the most success when playing Deadwood. Throughout this mode, the sheriff’s badges remain in place. The Shoot Out feature changes all low-paying symbols on the middle three reels into wild symbols.

Max Deadwood Win, RTP, and Volatility

The Deadwood online slot features a maximum payout of 13,950 times your wager and an above-average return to player rate of 96.03%. High volatility is the norm for the Deadwood slot machine. This suggests that you should anticipate less frequent but larger winnings than in games with lower volatility.

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