Frutz: A Review of Slots

Hacksaw Gaming’s latest mobile-optimized release, Frutz, is part of the studio’s Pocketz Series. The games in the Pocketz Series are known for their simplicity, calm atmosphere, and ‘Zen and the art of slots play’ vibe. Contrary to this impression, its gameplay may be just as exciting and unpredictable as any other type of extremely volatile slot machine. All of this applies to Frutz, a little yet deadly game that perfectly defines the spirit of the Pocketz Series.

Played on a 5×5 grid, Frutz rewards players for forming winning clusters. In order to observe the current multiplier values, all that is visible on a mobile device is the game grid, the user interface, and the game’s logo. On a tablet or PC, a forest landscape with trees, ferns, and butterflies can be shown as a background to give additional visual stimulation. All of this reeks of Hacksaw. They’ve taken fruit and, using a paper mache method, given it a new, interesting spin. The popping sound made by the falling symbols adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the game.

However, the voyage is anything from peaceful, since the game has extreme volatility (ranked 4 out of 5). About one in four spins will result in a win (26.71%), however the value of the smaller clusters is minimal and cannot be increased without the use of multipliers. If you wait for the bonus game to activate on its own, the RTP will be lower than if you buy the feature outright. Return values are guaranteed to be between 96.37% and 96.79%, therefore there is never any need to worry.

To win coins, you must get five or more identical symbols in a row, either vertically or horizontally. Given the title, it should come as no surprise that pears, plums, oranges, lemons, and apples make up half of the paytable’s higher value symbols. Clusters with 11 or more matching symbols are the most lucrative, paying out 50 to 100 times the entire wager. The royal symbols from 10 to A have a value of 20 times the initial wager when they appear in a cluster of 11 or more. A wild tile can appear anywhere to assist finish off clusters.

Slot Functions, or Frutz

There aren’t many details to go over in a grid slot. The three separate multiplier symbols not only grant free spins, but also cascades and multipliers, which are the game’s primary bonuses. With each winning cluster, a cascade is triggered, clearing the board for new symbols to fall into the empty positions. The payments from cascades will keep coming until no fresh winning clusters materialize.

If a multiplier sign appears alongside a cluster victory in the main game, it will disclose the value hidden in the ‘U’ of the logo. When multiple multipliers fall in a row, their totals are added up until the sequence ends. Every time someone wins, they brag about how much money they got. Multipliers of x1 through x5 are indicated by light blue symbols, x10 through x20 by dark blue ones, and x25 through x100 by striped ones. The multiplier is always set to 1 at the beginning of a new base game spin.

When three, four, or five scatters appear, you’ll win eight, ten, or twelve free spins, respectively. It is not necessary for multiplier symbols to appear in a winning cluster for their value to be enhanced during the free spins bonus round. There is no reset of the win multiplier between free games. The probability of winning free spins by chance is one in 210.

The other method of unlocking the extra game is to pay for it. In exchange for 93x, 142x, or 200x your initial wager, you will receive 8, 10, or 12 free games, accordingly.

Slot Judgment by Frutz

Frutz is unusually low-key for a cluster-paying grid spot. There are no free spins or multipliers unlocked by collecting symbols, nor are players confused by confusing animations or graphics. The most interesting feature is the hip music, however I found myself enjoying the game better without the sound on. While Hacksaw certainly boasts a capable audio department, their efforts here ultimately undermine the film’s peaceful atmosphere. Much like a pesky fly at a picnic, it may throw things off kilter.

Frutz is not your normal grid spot, and neither are most of Hacksaw Gaming’s other offerings. It gets where it has to go without drawing attention to itself and without a lot of bells and whistles. Smaller clusters aren’t worth a lot, therefore the base game may be boring for long stretches of time. Free spins kick the game into high gear, however a bigger multiplier can occasionally fall to rouse you up if you’ve been sleeping.

Given that Frutz doesn’t go out of his way to wow you with spectacle, it may come as a shock to hear that payouts of up to 10,000 times your initial wager are feasible. But then again, maybe not, because cluster values may be greatly increased by the accumulation of large multipliers (the maximum attained in testing was about 70x) during free spins. Slots like Chaos Crew have been exploited to their maximum 10k potential by Hacksaw Gaming, so there’s no reason to think Frutz can’t do the same.

If you’re looking for a relaxing grid slot experience with the potential for high payouts, then Frutz is a good option to investigate. Even though increasing multipliers don’t fill gauges or shower you with modifiers as they stack up, they may nonetheless cause a tremor when they unleash a significant blow.

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